What does minuteImage do?

It drastically reduces the size of your images, making them optimal for the web.
For example the following 1.1M image has been reduced to a 311KB image, saving 73%!

When processing a PNG file, transparency is preserved!

It also keeps your images private, no image is sent to any server!

Why should I use minuteImage?

  • It's private: no image sent to any server.
  • It's free: no fee or subscription.
  • It works offline: try it, switch off your internet connection.
  • It's easy: just drag and drop your images.
  • It has no limits: you can compress as many images as you want.

What do you mean with "it keeps images private"?

Most of the web sites optimize the images you provide using their servers. This means that they:

  • upload the images to their servers
  • process them
  • make your images available for download to you or anyone who knows the link

MinuteImage works differently: it is a pure client side app, it uses your computer power to optimize your images. This means that every image stays in your computer and not even a bit of the image is sent anywhere!

What information do you send to the servers?

MinuteImage uses Google Analytics (gtag.js) to track users interactions with the web site. For those who are expert on Google Analytics: we use gtag with the following configuration:

{'anonymize_ip': true}

How does it work?

MinuteImage uses a JavaScript porting of mozjpeg and pngquant.
“MozJPEG makes tradeoffs that are intended to benefit Web use cases and focuses solely on improving encoding”
It also uses web-workers to process multiple images at the same time.